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Forex - abbreviated from the English word EXchange FOReign

Forex - abbreviated from the English word EXchange FOReign , which it is possible to translate as "international monetary exchange." The term Forex is usually consumed as soon want to identify the mutual exchange of hard currency, although this does not mean all the aggregate currency-exchange transactions in the market. The most common combination of words "market Forex" (English Forex market), which directly indicate podsoblyaet market, but not the administrative principle of formation of prices. At the market Forex has all chances to be a mercenary operations, speculation, hedging, regulatory (operations of central banks).

We, the term Forex usually have in mind only speculative trading through banks and various dillingovye centers. Because of the distinctive features of our tax laws, almost all dillingovye centers do not have an official license for the provision of economic services, as order to solve the same dilemma, they are compelled to work according to their license at bukmekersukuyu work. It should be noted that the difference between the concepts of exchange of foreign currency trading and speculation in the market Forex, is not including in special courses of study on the Forex. Using the term fun at the market Forex, most specifically refers to speculative trading. Wandering through the expanses of the Internet we ca!

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