Semi adviser Insider_8.05 for MetaTrader 4.

incorporates the best from the experience of Bill Williams, is based on the innovative design of the author in the field of mathematical methods for analyzing the economy for 12 years izuchayushego currency markets. Help to earn huge sums of money at the sharp fluctuations of exchange rates.

work together with ten pairs of currencies. Best Solution in the financial crisis . It has no analogues, and therefore is highly .

Run the adviser on the history of 09.05 in 2008 showed the following results: input depot = 500 outlet stores = 100.000 Tester report is attached.

Advisor , which uses the readings of the indicator Iguerre , which must first be placed in the folder MetaTrader4/experts/indicators podtseplen and to schedule. Indicator better reviews the average period of time, so period of the chart - H1 or H4 , the optimal pair GBP / USD (on test results).

TS - growth and drop Iguerre quite accurately represent the trend, which allows us to open in the appropriate direction. Work is 0.10 lot in the beginning, then the lot is proportional to the actual balance. After each minus one-time lot size is reduced to 0.10, as a possible countermeasure "bad luck".

Endurance - an adviser may act as a fully automatic (you need to be included in the MT option "Tools -> Options -> Councillors, Allow live trading"), and in poluruchnom mode. Opens a position only when there is no current open positions.

Variable variables Advisor : Hours = 0; - how many hours Minutes = 0; - and how many minutes it will fire * RazVSutki = true; - whether to work every day (by default - yes) * & Ratings comfortable yourself the time and always run the MT for a few minutes before. Ie it works 1 time per day, strictly within the specified hour and minute. If you did not work at that time - hence conjuncture does not have to open.


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