scalper ForeXer 4.0 skalper ForeXer 4.0

Legendary scalper family foreXer , which gave rise to almost all existing market scalpers "corridor-type" has finally inspired a new idea. The long-awaited increases advisor Depot 600 times in six months with minimal risk of 5% and a profit factor of 4 on the test "all the ticks," with 90% quality! On the real profit factor will be about 2, but all the same great safety margin. Buyer desirable elementary experience with MT4-advisers, trade and knowledge of risks. P.S. + To it in the archives of the new version - foreXer 4.1 !!!

best results in the evening flat pair EUR / CHF from 20.00-8.00 on quotations DC and any other broker with a spread no more than 40 paragraphs from 20.00-8.00. Refined the idea of ??a trading range. Now take into account not only projected the border, but the rate of price change - the sooner the price moves to the border, the further postponed the order. You can choose to limit or market orders. Time frame M15. Take-profit 120 (can be up to 600!), Stop-loss of 240. There is also a so-called "virtual take-profit" or the closing of the market in case of those brokers, where higher levels are still not allow you to put small take-profit. Automatic calculation of the lot in accordance with the selected risk. Stop trading for some time before closing on Friday, forex and renewal after a certain time after opening the Forex on Monday to avoid gepov after the weekend. Regulated rate of spread, beyond which the adviser does not sell.

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