indicator BMA

BMA MetaTrader Indicator or supplemented by a moving average - written by me (the idea of ??one of the visitors to the site) version of the standard indicator MT4/MT5 moving average. It consists of 3 lines: central - the usual moving average (it can be simple, exponential, and weighted smoothed), the top line (center, shifted to 2% (default) up), the bottom line (center, shifted to 2% down). These two additional lines are support and resistance levels. The indicator is available for MT4, and for MT5.


  • MA_Period (default = 49) - the standard period moving average (central line).
  • MA_Shift (default = 0) - a horizontal shift for all lines on the graph.
  • MA_Method (default = 0) - a method of drawing the center line. 0 - Simple Moving Average (SMA), 1 - Exponential (EMA), 2 - smoothed (SMMA), 3 - linear weighted (LWMA).
  • Percentage (default = 2) - the percentage for the vertical displacement of the upper and lower bands over the central.

best to use this indicator as follows: connect it to the graph EUR / USD H4 (shown in the example), sell when the price reaches the top of the line, buy when price touches the bottom line. When you trade you should use a small stop-loss, since the price sometimes breaks through the line and the lines themselves can suddenly change direction.


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