indicator Fisher

Fisher MetaTrader Indicator - a fairly simple histogram indicator, which determines the direction and strength of the trend and signals a trend change. Its code does not use any standard indicators MT4/MT5. Fisher founded the calculations for maximum and minimum prices for the previous periods, using sophisticated mathematical computations to the relationships between current price and the minimum / maximum. The indicator is available for MT4, and for MT5. This indicator repaints itself - the old bars pereschitvayutsya when new.


  • period (default = 10) - time in bars, which are calculated the highs and lows. The higher the number, the less there is of false signals of change in the trend, but the greater the delay indicator.
fisher indicator

The graph shows that the uptrend is marked with green lines histograms, while the downward trend observed red lines. Since this indicator is easy to sell. You can cover short positions and go long when the line color changes from red to green. And to close long and go short when the color changes from green to red. If the value of period 10 (default), the chart of the hourly EUR / USD, the signals were quite accurate.


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