FOREX indicator Laguerre

indicator Laguerre

Laguerre MetaTrader Indicator - created from scratch an indicator that the code does not use any standard indicators platform MT4/MT5. It shows the weighted trend line in a separate window graphics. Can be used for simple entry and exit signals from the market. The indicator is available for MT4, and for MT5.


  • gamma (default = 0.7) - ratio, which is used in the calculation of the line. The higher, the line will be flatter.
  • CountBars (default = 950) - Maximum number of bars of the chart, which would be calculated as an indicator. Install as many as possible if you have no problem with computer's performance.

Laguerre, you can use to buy when the line reaches the bottom and 0.2 to exit a long position when it reaches a level above 0.5. Sell ??when the line crosses above the level of 0.8 and exit a short position when the line crosses the bottom level of 0.5.


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