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Not So Squeezy MetaTrader Indicators - in fact, a set of indicators that are necessary for the trading strategy Not So Squeezy. You can find a detailed description of the indicators in this set of instructions (in English) to this strategy.

indicators in the set:

  • Bollinger Squeeze Basic ("Basic distillation of Bollinger Bands") - a custom indicator, based on Bollinger Bands, measures volatility, is used in a trading strategy.
  • Bollinger Squeeze Advanced ("Advanced distillation of Bollinger Bands") - version of the previous display with additional features, not used in a trading strategy.
  • Keltner Channels ("Keltner Channels") - LED "envelope" type to accompany the Bollinger Bands; not used in the strategy.
  • Rainbow MMA ("Rainbow Multiple Moving Averages") - consists of 11 smaller custom indicators and helps to measure the trend with 88 different moving averages and is used in a trading strategy.
forex indicator Not So Squeezy

The chart you can see attached to this set of indicators, as well as 2 standard simple moving average and the standard Bollinger Bands. You can read more about this system, including information on entry points, stop loss and take profit in the Guide to Trading Not So Squeezy (in English).
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