FOREX indicator TRO MultiPair

indicator TRO MultiPair

TRO MultiPair MetaTrader Indicator - based on several custom indicators (included), this indicator can show the trend for several currency pairs and timeframes for all possible platforms MT4/MT5 simultaneously. Indicator is displayed in a separate window graphics. Legend to the indicator is displayed on the right side of this window. You can easily see in which direction to trade, just by looking at the chart. It does not matter to which the currency pair and timeframe, you attach this indicator, it will show all that he has indicated in the input parameters. TRO MultiPair - a resource-light, you should disable all timeframes and currency pairs, you do not use. He has a lot of input parameters, but only a few of them are actually used to set up.


  • pairs (default = GBPUSD; EURUSD; USDCHF; USDJPY) - currency pairs for which to display the indicator. Just list them with a semicolon.

  • timeFrames (default = M1; M5; M15; M30; H1; H4; D1; W1; MN) - timeframes for which to display the indicator. Just list them with a semicolon.

  • myAlert (default = false) - If true, then the alerts will be used (the signals).

  • ShowLegend (default = true) - if true, then the legend is displayed.

  • ShowCount (default = true) - if true, then it will be displayed by the different directions of the trend by timeframes.

  • Other Options - change the visual settings.

tro multipair

trade with this indicator is very intuitive. As you can see on the legend, there are strong and weak signals, as well as neutral tones. You can develop your own system for this indicator, but I recommend to enter the market only when all timeframes for a given currency pair pointing in one direction and there are no weak or neutral signals. Come out of position when the signals on which you entered, will be in the minority.

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