Forex indicator Var Mov Avg

indicator Var Mov Avg

Var Mov Avg MetaTrader Indicator - though it is based on moving average, this indicator does not use standard indicators of platform MT4/MT5. It uses its own formula for calculating the moving average filter with a complex noise for a more accurate signals. The indicator shows a line consisting of dots in the main chart window, right over the price. Change the color of points signals a trend change. The indicator may beep when such changes, you can turn off these signals. The indicator is available for MT4, and for MT5.


  • periodAMA (default = 50) - the main period moving average. Unlike conventional moving average, the higher the number, the less will be a smooth line.

  • nfast (default = 15) - a parameter for the first noise filter. The higher the number the less sensitive indicator of spikes.

  • nslow (default = 10) - for the second parameter is a noise filter. The higher the number the less sensitive indicator of spikes.

  • G (default = 1.0) - the degree of the filter in the moving average. Another way to smooth out the line.

  • dK (default = 0.1) - no matter what does not affect.

  • UseSound (default = true) - if true, will use sound signals.

  • SoundFile (default = "expert.wav") - the name of the sound file for the signals.

var mov avg Forex

When the point of red, the price is in downtrend. When the points are green, the price is in an uptrend. Buy when the red dots are replaced by green and sell when the green replaced the red. Use a moderate stop-loss protection against false signals.


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