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Indicator Aroon Up & Down

Aroon Up & Down MetaTrader Indicator - identifying local peaks and troughs in the graph, it is connected, this indicator provides a signal to buy and sell currency pairs when they come up with the bottom or down from the top. The intersection of the lines indicates when a good signal for profit or minimum loss. Indicator is available in two versions - for MT4 and MT5.


AroonPeriod (default = 14) - between the bars to display, on which he will look for peaks and troughs. As with many other indicators, the higher the period, the smoother look and lines, the smaller the period, the more signals are generated.

aroon up & down, aroon up, Indicator Aroon Up & Down

As you can see, quite easy to trade, following this indicator. Just buy when the blue line rises from the bottom, and red is close to the middle of the indicator, sell when the blue falls from the top and the red is in the middle. Come out with a profit or minimum loss when the red line to the opposite side of the window.


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