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gambling is an art. But not quite conventional art, this art is to follow the chosen strategy.

gambling should be carried out according to plan, Exchange is not casino , where to bet at random and begin to pray that fell selection number. gambling is a serious and responsible. During the game You check the stock exchange itself on stability, seriousness and responsibility. You are the only size of your deposit, whichever is added to the it, which will be taken away, only you are responsible for it.

In gambling, your task to choose a strategy and follow her. The strategy for gambling, this is the most important. It is impossible to gambling without a clear strategy . You can not turn Exchange in casino . If you do not have a strategy, gambling is a casino. As You do, your entire deposit is burned for several transactions. Me were so many times, but I have learned a lesson, and what you want.

gambling is not a game in a casino, it's work. You must to treat gambling seriously. At the same time, speculation should be for you a comfortable and pleasant.

And so, a successful gambling strategy and a clear need her follow up.

Where do we get this strategy ? Need to develop it. All People are different, I just wrote about it, and if one is able to play one strategy, the other can not due to various circumstances (There is no time to sleep hunt, tired of sitting at the computer, my love is calling in a restaurant or a park, etc.)

gambling cause you to simply develop a strategy If not now, then with time. You can not consistently win without strategy, without a clearly painted the rules of opening and closing. I will not mention the feet and taking profits.

So, what do you need to develop a strategy? Should be given time forex market , to sit behind schedule a couple of months, the experiment with indicators, trend lines, read a book, and most important is to find mentor. Although the latter is very difficult to do - no one wants to share their strategies, which have been developed with great difficulty. At one time, I could not find a mentor, so we had to pave the way for himself.

gambling teach you how to think, make plans and carry out them.

What should be the strategy that you received from its the use of money? First of all, it should suit you. You must select a currency, time period of the chart, as well as tools you want to use for gambling.

All this must necessarily be written on paper, draw in the form of a business plan. Ie there should be sections:

  • currency,
  • conditions the opening position,
  • position closing conditions,
  • possible amount of loss,
  • number of allowable losses in a row
  • profit taking,
  • number of open positions at the same time,
  • lot size.

It's not ideal, but you can navigate.

gambling makes a person a businessman who fully responsible for their actions.

If the strategy is profitable, and you follow it completely, then you can call a professional trader, as you earn money. And making money in gambling, only professionals.

gambling is not difficult, I wrote about this several times, just need to give it time. If you read this, then you interested in trading on the exchange, so you need something out of life. If this is so, then do not wait, start immediately, download from the Internet books on forex trading, read them, try, do not expect anything, but you can to earn money for themselves and become a little more freely in this world. No tomorrow now download his first book, open a demo account first (it is regular account, but you're not for real money, and the virtual) a company you like and place your bets, win, lose, Analyze your every bet. The more you do it, so clearly in mind you will pick out your future strategy, the faster You will be able to formulate it and move on paper, and, consequently, start making money.

gambling gives a chance to all, your task is simply do.

I am now reminded of an episode, it is called "Magazine modes. " In one series, there was one person who is engaged in network marketing, and he's very funny to answer questions.

- How are you so changed his life?

- I just decided to change it and change!

- But how you do it?

- I just did it !!!

- In what way?

- I just realized that I must change, and I did it!

It was very funny and at the same time very instructive.

just decide that you become a professional trader, earning money on the forex market and start to do it.

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