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Work on Forex can produce very high income (many traders have averaged gains to 120% per annum, many have a profit of more than 100% in a month), but it involves with some degree of risk because the market movement can work as for you and against you. Success will accompany you if you will use a set of effective techniques to properly choose strategiyui tactics in the market.

To properly assess the situation on the market there a wide range of software and information tools to successfully use fundamental and technical analysis.

Fundamental Analysis includes an examination of the economic and political factors affecting nasostoyanie market Forex. This, for example, the policy of the Federal Reserve bankaSShA, emerging economic performance, statements of влиятельныхгосударственных figures, and other important events. While working on the Forex market are Vypostoyanno abreast of current events of international business zhizniplanety.

Technical Analysis - this metodp rognozirovaniya future state of the market on the basis of mathematical and graphical processing his last movements.

To be successful in the market , to carefully handle the money. You are always able to close plohuyupozitsiyu. Work on Forex, based on emotions, is doomed to failure. Dlyauspeshnoy work is extremely important to have a thoughtful plan of trading. It is also important not allow the itself deviate from the intended plan and not fall into euphoria vprotsesse work. This job requires a high trader emotsionalnoyustoychivosti and a willingness to significant psychological stress.

Risks , arising from the work of foreign exchange market, it is possible to hedge transactions in futures markets and optsionah.Hedzhirovanie - A transfer of risk (insurance position) in order to protect otvozmozhnyh damages in this case associated with a change in the price of foreign exchange contracts in the future.

But remember, that frivolous attitude to work on the Forex your earnings will be comparable srezultatami online casino games.

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