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Today's technical analysis is largely based on tools that were developed by previous generations science and mathematics. Many of them are based only on the algebra and geometry. Moving averages, exponential moving averages, momentum indicators etc. These are standard analytical tools. However, often New tools are available that use more modern analytical methods. One example is the analysis tools for trading in Forex Andre Duke. They are based on quantum physics and are in order to analyze the movement of the forex market from a 10-second time scale up to one minute, 10-minute, hourly, daily, weekly month or more. One of the advantages of new techniques and methods in general Duke in particular is that they provide a new way to confirm or refute the traditional indicators. Let's see how the analysis Duke is working. This will require a schedule, such as the British pound:

Novye technical tools analiza

Figure 1

Now the traditional schedule, we transform to the following:

Novye technical tools analiza

Figure 2

Duke argues that this transformation provides new understanding of the movement in the Forex market. The transformed graph, of course, differs from the original version. Take a 10-minute movement GBP and smoothed out the price action. The so-called "quantum" lines based on the quantum analysis, but the general idea is that that they show the directional stability. A typical analysis of this graph would consist in the fact that GBP has gone beyond the lines and returned back indicating that the future price action will remain downward. Key feature analysis at Duke is that it can also be applied to very small time scales, such as presented below one minute schedule for the Euro:

Novye technical tools analiza

Figure 3

(sell signal occurs when the blue line crosses down red)

This is certainly an interesting new approach to technical analysis, which allows for several different perspective on market movements Forex.

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