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For the novice investor FOREX is the most promising market. Since FOREX - the most objective and not subject to anyone's any was manipulating the market and its participants if they want to somehow manipulative purpose, they would have to operate with tens of billions dollars. Therefore, the impact on market participants is almost single completely eliminated. The superior liquidity allows you to open and / or to close out positions within seconds. Hold time position is arbitrary and limits: from several seconds to many years and depends on your trading strategies. Although the daily fluctuations of currencies are rather insignificant, the use of credit lines that are accessible even to currency speculators with small capitals in the $ 1000-5000, the profit may be impressive. Trade with application provided by the broker or a bank line of credit called 'margin trading'. The idea of ??marginal trading stems from the that in FOREX speculative interests can be satisfied without a real money supply, which reduces the overhead of moving the latter, and makes it possible, with a small account in U.S. dollars, open position, both in buying and selling a lot of other currencies. Thus, we can conduct transactions very quickly, getting a big profit as at higher and at lower rates. Many speculative operations in international financial markets are made on the principle of marginal trade (margin trading).

Margin trading - is trading with a borrowed capital. Margin trading in the foreign exchange market uses lots. 1 lot, as generally equal to 100,000 units of base currency, that is the currency that directly buy or sell, but to make a deal the size of one enough to have a lot of 0.5% to 4% of the amount. In most cases, the amount of bail is equal to 1% of the transaction.

consider a concrete example. Suppose your account in 2000 U.S. dollars. This means that with leverage of 100:1 you can trade at $ 200,000. At 11 am on the dollar in relation to shvetsarskomu franc reached 1.4045 - 1.4050. Do you think that the U.S. dollar at the moment undervalued and should rise and give an order to buy 100 thousand dollars for the course. In 15 hours the dollar - 1.4250 - 1.4255. You decide - Close the position and sell 100 thousand dollars on a new course. Your income - 2000 Swiss francs or 1400 U.S. dollars. It is 140% the size of attachments you funds. More than a good yield. Of course, with the same success can be incur losses, and not increase your score. It's enough to make a mistake in prognosis, and sell dollars against Swiss francs, not to buy, how to this example. But there are plenty of modern methodologies to help which is always possible to analyze the current state of the market or that financial asset (currency) and to construct a correct prediction of the behavior of the course the currency in the next moment. Employees of our bank with pleasure acquaint you with these techniques. Everyday fluctuations of currencies constitute approximately 100 - 150 points, allowing traders to make money on these movements.

In FOREX does not necessarily buy some currency first in order then sell it. You can open positions for buying and selling any currency, not having it. Usually Internet-brokers establish the minimum deposit for working in the FOREX market is a $ 2,000 grant and leverage of 1:100. Thus opening the position at $ 100,000, a trader invests 1000 $ 99,000 and receives a loan of $. The major currencies traded in FOREX, are: Euro (EUR), Japanese Yen (JPY), Pound (GBP) and Swiss franc (CHF), all of them are traded against the U.S. dollar (USD). Also in Currently, more and more actively traded so-called cross-rates (EURGBP, EURCHF, and so on).

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