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how to make money in the market Forex?

The essence of the market FOREX - is the performance of transactions Purchases and sales of foreign exchange contracts to profit from tselyupolucheniya variation in time rates.

valyutnymikontraktami Trade the FOREX is based on the principles of "Margin trading" and osuschestvlyaetsyacherez Market - Makers, which are traded currencies at prices reflecting the current sostoyanierynka time.

essence of "margin trading" is as follows: investor, placing mortgage capital poluchaetvozmozhnost management of trust credit granted under this guarantee igarantirovat your deposit possible losses on open currency positions.

Leverage pozvolyaetinvestoru control investments much larger volume than summamarzhevogo software. The size of the shoulder may be different, for example: 1:100, 1:33,1: 20, 1:10. Most of the dealing centers currently provide credit for melkihinvestorov shoulder 1:100.

In other words, if the mortgage capital investorrazmestil at $ 10,000, he opened kreditnayaliniya 100 times that is, it operates on the sum of $ 1 million, it only riskuyapri its 10th thousand. The open position is called the lead. 1 lot is 1000 dollars from the margin deposit. So the position of $ 10,000, you can open up to 10 lots at the same time.

advantage of the Forex market misrepresented what to sell currency, you do not need it in the first pokupat.To is, you can open position for buying and selling. As already byloskazano above target - Buy cheap and sell expensive, or vice versa: vnachaleprodat, then cheaper to buy.

Currency postoyannomenyaetsya. For a simple layman this may not be noticeable, whereas small variations in treyderydazhe course can earn big money.

How do these kolebaniyaveliki, you ask? We often have to deal with some takoyinformatsiey "German course mark against the U.S. dollar is 1.72 ". Noeto for the layman. In the Forex market rate has generally not 2 and 4 tsifryposle comma that is, the German mark exchange rate is not 1.72, and 1.7200. Izmeneniekursa on 0.0001 means a change of 1 point, or 1 point - it's just odnadesyatitysyachnaya. An exception is the Japanese yen, where 1 point equals 0.01. Etoobuslovleno the fact that the yen is very cheap relative to other currencies - the dollar SShAstoit More than 100 yen.

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