FOREX currency market

Foreign Exchange Market

Foreign Exchange Market - this market , which are traded currencies . Foreign Exchange Market - a huge daily volume in the forex market reaches several trillion dollars.

main currencies in the currency market are today: the dollar United States (USD), euro (EUR), Japanese Yen (JPY), Swiss franc (CHF) and the British pound (GBP).

In the currency market forex transactions involving the U.S. dollar amount 70%. This can be explained by the fact that the world is much interest to this currency. Just schedule the U.S. dollar is rapidly evolving, that gives good results of his analysis.

Foreign Exchange Market - it's a lot of people, companies, banks that are exchange one currency for another. Each exchange rate change: increase or lowers it.

Foreign exchange market is a copy of the stock market with small changes. Traded in the forex currency market, not stocks. Process trade in the foreign exchange market is different from the process of trading securities.

access to the foreign exchange market for us, ordinary citizens, provide intermediary companies (dealing centers). Each company has its own conditions trade in the currency market. Also on the foreign exchange market can be reached through the bank, but the deposit amount is much greater than the amount required to open an account in the company of the intermediary. But it's clear banks are safer intermediary companies: they insure deposits, provide many Guests enjoyed working with them as the foreign exchange market and the market securities.

Foreign Exchange Market presents great opportunities for earning money. Where they do earn, if not where they are, they are just the foreign exchange market.

main participants in the foreign exchange market are the central banks, the daily transaction volume of the largest international banks in the foreign exchange market Forex (Deutsche Bank, Barclays Bank, Union Bank of Switzerland, CityBank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Standard Chartered Bank) reaches billions dollars. Central banks face the currency forex market , As a rule, not for profit, but in order to verify the stability or correction of the existing national currency, as the latter have a significant impact on the economy. Central Banks also face the foreign exchange market through commercial banks. Although Profit is not the primary purpose of these banks, their unprofitable operations also do not attract, so the intervention of central banks is usually masked by and implemented in several commercial banks at once.

Besides banks, an active participant in the foreign exchange market are the brokerage home , acting as an intermediary between a large number of banks funds, commission houses, dealing centers, etc. Commercial banks and brokerage houses do not only make operations in foreign currency exchange at prices that put other active participants in the foreign exchange market, but they themselves offer their own prices. Thus, they actively affect the pricing process and the life of the entire market.

Foreign Exchange Market is open to everyone. In our country only need a few rubles to get to it (the stock market needs more money) to sign an agreement with the mediator and trade. Of course before these need to learn to trade the forex market.

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