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The word market, most of us is right currently overheated crowd of people.

The word market, most of us is right currently overheated crowd of people. First, they paid a lot of money, to get a place on the "floor" (so-called court, where the auction). And now, clenching his fists, they monitor changes in quotes, professional make gestures - to buy or sell oil, gold, shares. Someone leaves and is enriched by a hero. Others go bankrupt and let his brains out.

This idea of ??the exchange was formed through the recent literature and electronic media, showing a dynamic and a breathtaking picture - people who make the state of your eyes out of thin air. Maybe that's why every time you see on TV dealers in the stock exchange, or as they call it, traders created feeling out of reach.

World currency market Forex (from the English foreign exchange), which has recently become more popular in Russia, does the job on the exchange available to everyone - it is enough to have a home computer and the Internet.

Why Forex?

Any popularity is due to rumors that often have nothing to do with reality. Foreign exchange market - is no exception. On the Internet you can find a large number of highly contradictory information. After analyzing the most frequently asked questions, we turned to the experts. That's what we found out.

The principles of the forex market is absolutely identical work, such as the stock market. Only in one case, investors buy and sell shares in another - currencies.

More serious are the differences in detail. For example, one of the main advantages of Forex - its accessibility. On your computer you are installing software, which can be downloaded from the website, engaged in the provision of brokerage services. After that, make money to your pre-open account - security deposit - and you can start work. As you can see, the operation is very simple, and its result, you become active investor. That is not just observe someone Sided managed (successfully or unsuccessfully - as lucky) your money, and themselves make decisions that affect the size of your income.

Heroes of many films and books about the stock exchange, to achieve success because it had closed on public information - to know that in the near future in the company of an event should occur, after which its shares rise sharply (or fall) in price. This information is called insider. Naturally, it is available only to a very narrow circle of persons. If you do not enter this circle, the chances of success are much lower.

In the currency market, the role of the information below and it is much less. Explained it's just - a daily trading volume of up to $ 3 trillion. "Shake" this market is very difficult. While some are still successful. For example, George W. Bush in 2001 by a careless statement contributed to the reduction in value of the dollar against the euro. And terrorists, organized the bombings of the London Underground in July 2005, helped to "fall" British pound. Those who knew what he would say that Bush and the capital of the UK under attack, could capitalize on this.

Naturally, those who did not know about it, suffered losses. But here his role played by another feature of the currency market. One negative news may reduce the price of shares or ten percent or more. Change exchange rate during the day (this figure is called volatility) more than a percentage - a rarity.

However, profitability in this market is high - not so long ago in Russia was a case where less than a year and a half the initial deposit has been increased with 18 thousand dollars to 1 million 200 thousand.

Who can become a trader

theory, become a trader can anyone regardless of their education and careers. Achieve success in the market doctors, soldiers, managers. One of the stereotypes is that people with economic education, have an advantage over the others. This statement is only partly true. Such people will easier to understand the theory of the market, but when it comes to practice, everyone will be on equal footing. This situation can be compared to a car. Know what's inside your engine, does not mean it to be able to repair and even more so - to be able to drive a car.

usually run on the currency market are beginning to people with a job. Consider such earnings as a source of constant income is not worth at least the first few months.

addition of knowledge to be successful in the market must have two important qualities. You must be able to apply this knowledge into practice to build an efficient trading system, and then discipline to work on this system. Thus, the formula Exchange of success is quite simple: Knowledge + Intelligence + discipline. If you have all the ingredients - the entrance to the Forex is open.

Where to start? (Hard to learn)

As we have said, one of desire and of material opportunities to become a trader is small, you must have special knowledge and skills. In other words - get a proper education. The problem is that even graduates of economics departments leading universities have little idea of ??how it works trader, because it did not teach them.

solution to this problem had to do themselves dealing centers (DC). All began with the usual one-day workshops, but with DC time, some full-created courses. Education program one of these centers was even licensed by the Department Education of the Government of Moscow.

professional training currency trader last from a few days to two weeks. During this time, students receive basic knowledge and skills, without which trade can not in principle. They learn the techniques Market Analysis (various types of technical analysis, fundamental analysis) risk management procedures and building trading systems.

Students learn to make deals and special use software for the analysis of the market. As a result, novice receives the full range of information required to make deal consciously and build your trading system.

When choosing training should address the following moments. First is the quality of educational services provided of a brokerage company.

second time - the duration of training. Since Russian universities (with the exception of the International Academy of Exchange Trade "Forex Club"), no profession, "a currency trader," then talk about common standards difficult. In various training centers, training can last a couple of days to two weeks. During this time, future currency traders time to listen to the above course. Naturally, the longer lasting classes, the more complete knowledge and will be more refined - the practical skills.

save on training is not recommended because it is the knowledge of which will depend on your wealth. Estimates put the market you will, but look like they will write in the column of the ledger. If you were educated in a serious school and learn well, then there will be more records debit in the graph (your income). If education was defective, is likely to be filled graph credit.

maximum rate of full-time training traders in Russia is 40 hours. At first glance, this is an insignificant figure, especially for those who evaluate it in terms of the classical five-year high education. In fact, the 40-hour training program for traders - Perhaps the longest in the world. The same number of training runs a leading American institution - Online Trading Academy.Ochevidtsy argue that service quality leaders in the Russian education for traders quite comparable, and in some ways and more than "Uncle Sam", but the cost Training overseas is higher by more than 20 times.

Third, you need to consider that the training centers Traders associated with brokers. And in time, you will be work with the software used by the dealing center. This should be considered when choosing an organization that you will be trained. Thus, simultaneously with the choice of learning you choose and brokerage company, which will provide you services to withdraw the international currency market.

How to choose the "right" broker

The popularity of the Forex can be judged by the number of emerging companies offering citizens access to "world exchanger." List of companies-brokers to get a very simple, just enter in search engine Yandex keyword «Forex». However, the resulting variety of options in this way is easy to get confused. Meanwhile, the financial result of your work depends on the conditions offered by brokers and on these brokers conditions are met. Below we list the factors which should look for when choosing a brokerage company.

  1. Conditions. have different brokers they differ. As the market in Russia as a whole is formed, differences at first glance not so great but significant. For example, no fee is charged for transactions (at the dawn of the Russian market Commission was the norm) or for the use of leverage. Nothing strange in this "free credit" and not of any "free cheese, "we are not talking. Leverage and credit - two different things. "Leverage" provided by the bank to increase the effect of monetary transaction. Cash money, make up the shoulder, you do not get, but with his help can earn a large sum. The answer to the question, due to what then live broker is simple - at the expense of spread (the difference between the bid and ask - The prices at which customers to sell and buy).

    Also charged the fee for the transfer of open positions on the day - The so-called swap. It is very important as this moment slip. You set the price of the warrant and passed for a mark that you specify, but orders executed by another, less favorable to you the price. On the question "Why?" Broker will tell you that the market has not given the price you specified (for example, 1.1980 on euro / dollar), and immediately after gave 1.1985 1.1970. Consequently, execute a transaction at a specified price you he could not.

  2. guarantee fulfillment of the conditions and reputation company. Promise can be anything, but it is important as it will be implemented in practice. The easiest way to check a company's reputation - Read the forum, located on its site, as well as forums for independent sites devoted to work in the financial markets. After reading them, you can draw conclusions about how often and what kind of problems do company, and how fairly they are solved. Another way For information about reputation - the reviews your friends who have worked with this company.

  3. known company. If it works on the market five years or more, you can be sure it is not crooks. However, this does not mean that the work can not be technical failures.

  4. number of clients. Man looking where the best. The company's products, "Microsoft" is not perfect, but its advantages are obvious and therefore most people on earth are to her. Choose a broker with a large number of customers - is would be a good guarantee your financial security.

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