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More and more people in Russia prefer not to trust their money to a bank or investment firms, and to manage capital. This is called active investing, and this approach is very distributed in the West. Now we have become more and more people who earn by trading world currencies in the international market Forex.

In this section we begin to acquaint readers with the peculiarities of this market. Questions to our correspondent replied the officer Petropavlovsk - Kamchatka Branch of the Group of Companies "Forex Club" Peter L. Tychny.

- What is Forex and how it organizes trading?

- Forex - a global currency market, where currency exchange operations make the central and large commercial banks, brokerage and investment companies. Another, the most numerous category its members - individuals. They use the Forex is not a kind of exchanger, namely to profit from changes in currency courses.

For information on courses, which are transactions economic and political news spreading agencies such as, for example, Dow Jones and Reuters. Thus, despite the fact that each participant can be located anywhere (a broker in London the other in Singapore, the third - in New York, etc.), there is a single information space in which everyone has the same information. Trades are conducted around the clock. Prices are influenced by demand and suggestions.

- How individuals can trade in the market Forex?

- To work at Forex, individuals - they are called traders - you need only a computer and Internet access. If they have you have, you go to the company's broker and enter into an agreement with her on service. Why a broker? It delivers information trader on financial markets, the trader executes orders to buy or selling of different currencies, provides services to trader's account, pays him income, etc. And if you do not have Internet access at home or computer work on the Forex you can from the dealing room - large brokerage of such a service to its clients provide.

An effective speculative currency the principle of margin trading. What are its advantages? For the transaction does not require the entire amount, but only to cover possible risk, a guarantee of compliance. For example, you can work with the sum of up to $ 100,000, with the account is only $ 1,000. This increases Your earning potential is 100 times. But to lose more than your existing thousands and get into debt you can not - as soon as losses exceed the amount your deposit amount, the broker will close the deal immediately. The amount of coverage placed on the account of a trader who maintains a broker. Prevailing share of transactions in the Forex market with the participation of the following currencies: U.S. dollar, euro, British pound, Japanese yen and the Swiss Fr.

- What software is used to work?

- Group of Companies "Forex Club" for transactions offers traders own software - to analyze the market (Rumus and Rumus2) and transactions - Internet Dealing System (IDS). They can be free download from our website and by installing a computer deals from anywhere with Internet access. By the way to work with these programs enough home dial-up connection with periodic access to the Internet. Although, of course, easier to work on leased line.

- At what income and what risks may expect people selling currency?

- Trade efficiency depends on the skill trader and his approach to business. Some believe that the Forex - a gamble, and this attitude usually leads to losses. Professional trader at risk of 2-5% of the total amount of capital able to receive up to 20% profit per month. But this is only a guide. For example, a known case when 1.5 years of professional Russian trader deposits rose from 18 thousands of dollars to 1.2 million

- Most people believe that traders' rowing money with a shovel, is it true?

- Really, sometimes you can make a profit in a few hundred percent when the rate at which "plays" a trader changes very short period of time. This provides a fast and high income. The loss in the same size is unlikely. In the market operates conservation law. No need to compete with the big players to turn the market in their favor can not afford even the central banks. Must just ride it, to grasp in what direction it is moving. For this necessary knowledge and skills.

- said that "speculation" - a very dangerous occupation and that there is possible to lose all your money ...

- The main danger is not in stock, and we themselves. As experience shows, can make a stock more than 50% traders. In any case, as evidenced by the statistics on students International Academy of Exchange Trade "Forex Club". More than half Students are successful when they work on educational accounts, the only difference that of the real is that there is no risk of losing money. Once the risk is there, the number of successful traders is reduced to 8-10%.

Why? Because people see money on the screen and forget about them well-known basic rules of risk management.

Meanwhile, these rules provide a clear limit losses. Each trader from his account with a broker operates certain amount, and he did it more to lose can not even if they wanted. Furthermore, when making each transaction a trader puts himself so called "stop-locc" - the maximum amount of possible loss.

ĞLose all your money" can be only those who are does not want to learn or apply to work at Forex as a game of roulette.

- Is it true that to learn foreign exchange dealing and it is impossible for a successful game on the market requires intuition, innate "Sense of the market", like Soros?

- This is pure fiction. The behavior of the exchange rate "Sniff" is impossible, and why? Because the currency market to analyze. The International Academy of Exchange Trade "Forex Club" we learn to analyze and predict changes in exchange rates.

In fact, that successful trading on the exchange can be teach that it is not an innate quality proved another financial Genius - Richard Dennis. He scored from outside 13, only two or three of which were previously familiar with the exchange within two weeks taught their trading rules and released to the market. All of them have become millionaires, because were able to rein in his psychology and even in the most difficult moments strictly followed the rules of their trading system.

intuition on the market - a blend of knowledge and experience. Regarding Soros ... Yes, Soros - a genius. It's like the writers: write all know how, but good enough, and brilliant - even less. However, except in the light of the Soros there are many traders who are working successfully and profit. Though not to such an extent as that of Soros, but stable.

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