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What is meant by trading?

In a technical sense trading - trade ; the transaction of sale. But in my understanding of trading - a process in the market. This is when I am: I sit at my computer, waiting for the right conditions, I described pre- in my terms of trade in the forex market, make the opening deal, get profits and losses - close the deal, analyze everything that did. This is for I trading.

Let's define what constitutes trading?

  1. This duty on the computer for the schedule chosen currency
  2. This opening position
  3. closing position (stop loss, take profit, or manually) 4 - Analysis of the transaction

Let us discuss in detail the concept of trading , expand it into two parts: In time chosen for the implementation of trading: You sit down at the monitor, download graphics program for the transaction of purchase and sale and begin to analyze the market. Your task - to find a suitable place for open positions. You can: draw lines on the chart, study Indicators - it depends on your strategy .

And the decisive moment - all the conditions of your plan to implement trading are made. You open a position at the current price or deferred order (you specify the desired price, and when the price reaches this limit, automatically open position). Trading is already in the process. You watch for the schedule, you analyze the situation and compare it with the trading plan.

then it is possible that you have won a certain number of points that You expected, or lost and the rate closed at the stop losu or something happened that told you to close, wait for nothing. Close position occurred, with a plus or a minus. The first three points of trading realized, was the most important.

Now there was silence, it's done, the position is opened and closed, You put profit at your expense or loss written off my account. All, more You can not change anything. It remains to analyze everything that you did. This is a very important point in trading. As you can devote more time him in the review you improve your trade, you tap mistakes, mistakes. Every professional pays big time analysis trading, and you have to do the same.

It is now clear what lies work trader on the market Forex , but in other markets. Now you can visually estimate that You have to, and decide whether you want to dedicate themselves trading . If Are you ready, then do not wait, just start doing something. In one book about success, I read the important information. There are successful days and not successful. Successful day brings us closer to the goal, but are not successful push. If something is done a day in order to accomplished your goal, although would be very small thing, then this day can be considered a success, it is days like these bring us closer to the dream. If you have not done anything that day are not successful, and it pushes you to the purpose of dreams.

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