is it possible to make money on the forex market with only 10 USD, earn money his mind


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possible to make money on the forex market with only 10 USD

Hello! Now I'll tell you , can earn on Forex market with just 10 USD . For starters, I'll tell you a story Mercator happened to me. Here is my story. Somehow once I see ads on TV I saw that you can earn a decent amount of market forekks, with $ 10. So I decided to paprobovat. Since I live in Belarus, I went and put on pochtu 40 000 rubles Belarus partners in the payment system EasyPay. Then prishol home vklyachil kompyuter. Zashol the official website of EasyPay, a personal zashol kobinet. On the balance sheet were 40 000 rubles, as pologalos.

Next, I found this site which is specified in the advertisement. I went to the site. There akazalos that can papolnit bill through EasyPay. So I papolnil trader your personal account. Then, downloaded the trading platform, went into it. Introduced their data and safely entered. I looked in the terminal, that's right my 40 000 lie. But can you know that the money in the forex market have only U.S. currency (dollory). Ie I were $ 13.43. So I started earning. For about the first day, I earned about 20-30 cents.

I made of the fact that the price is very well pavyshalis or humiliated. But the main thing that I really had been in profit. Do the same on the second day the situation was slightly worse than the second day. I then earned about 10-20 cents. But for me it was still fine, especially since I have invested only 13.43 dollars. Uzhze about the other five days I was making very bad. He earned about 5-8 cents. Sometimes, I even lost their precious money. So I decided I have enough and I rounded. Brought money back to EasyPay. But I have already brought 4.14 dollars. Ie, I had cocoa that, although small, but profit.

the best advice. If you decide to make the forex market, you better have about $ 100 or more. I've even seen on the internet that you can earn on Forex market with just $ 1. But as you understand that for a dollar you will profit as enough to swear. I am the shield that earnings in forex is better to have $ 100. But just keep in mind that cashing in on the forex market, you risk your money. Just saw on the Internet Advertising on the forex market, that "earn money your mind." Yes it is true in the forex market, you must have a good mind for the transactions. Get to know you profit from sovershonnoy zdelki.

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