Forex Strategy Pabloski

Forex Strategy Pabloski - a trading system that will bring you a regular income in the forex, it has been tested only on the currency pair GBPJPY (but it can also work on other currency pairs).

most appropriate time interval for it was 4 hours (H4) , it was previously only possible to find a trend. Most forex traders all know that the trend of cross-rate GBPJPY are usually strong and durable, but also know that basically it is quite difficult to find the beginning of this trend and also to identify the right time to exit the market.

Stop-loss and take-profit in the forex strategy is "dynamic" because they vary according to the testimony of forex indicators.

In forex strategy Pabloski used 2 indicators for forex trading terminal MetaTrader 4 : ATR Channels and StepChoppyBars v1.1 (for the latter are required to install the same way Indicators StepMA v7 and StepRSI v5.2).

Forex Indicator StepChoppyBars - a great tool (the signals following):

  • upward trend - Blue.
  • Rollback upward trend - Protective and blue.
  • Zybchaty upward trend - The bright blue.
  • Be prepared for rapid change in the upward trend - celadon.
  • Bearish - Red.
  • Rollback downtrend - Tomato.
  • Zybchaty downtrend - Orange.
  • Be prepared for rapid change in the downward trend - Yellow.

Transactions for the purchase of forex strategy Pabloski .
Open 3 trading position to buy in equal installments, once the candle closes between the green center line of the ATR indicator and the indicator line ATR-colored water . At the same candle on the indicator Step Choppy Bars should be blue, and the previous closing the candle should be blue or yellow . As a safety stop-loss will be using a candle, which was closed under the yellow indicator line ATR.

This safety stop-loss order will be valid for all open 3 trading positions . Take-profit for the 1st trading position is a candle that closed above the "water" indicator line ATR. As soon as we fix the gain on trading positions, a safety stop-loss for the remaining two open zdelok will need to move to the breakeven point. Take-profit for the second open trading positions - a candle that closed above the protective blue line indicator of ATR. After closing the earnings for the second trading position, a safety stop-loss on the sole remaining trading positions to carry on the closing candle under a "water" indicator line ATR. If the trend continues and the price of "concerns" blue line indicator ATR, stop-loss on the last open trading positions will be closing the candle under the protective blue line indicator of ATR. The latest trading position, we will hold until such time as no work safety stop-loss or until the candle will not change its color to the color of the sea waves, thereby signaled to change the current trend.

Some notes: If you suddenly see that the candle will turn red or orange or tomato, or yellow, then all trading positions for the purchase must be closed.

Transactions for sale of forex strategy Pabloski:
Open 3 trading positions for sale as soon as the candle closes between the green center line of the ATR indicator and the yellow line indicator forex ATR . Candle in this case must be colored red, and the previous candle should be closed or red or celadon. 1st safety stop-loss for the three open trades at the close of the candle is placed over a "water" indicator line ATR. Take-profit for the first trading position - this is the closing candle under the yellow indicator line ATR. When closing came on the first trading positions, a safety stop-loss for 2 remaining trading positions should be moved to "zero"-to break even. Take profit on 2nd trading position - the closing candle under an orange indicator line ATR. When closing came on 2nd trading position, stop loss for the last short position is a yellow indicator line ATR (should be at the same candle to close above this line). If the trend continues its motion and the price touches the red line indicator ATR, stop-loss on the last open trading position now is closing the candle above the orange line indicator of ATR. Last trading position remains open until the work safety stop-loss or a candle will not change its color to yellow. Please also note that if the candle becomes blue protective blue or bright blue or the same color of sea water, all the trading position on the sale should close.

Note: If you see an opportunity to open a trading position for sale, but at the same candle is closed between the yellow lines and orange (as opposed to the closure between the green and yellow lines), very close to yellow line, you can:

  • conclude three trading positions, using for the 2nd and 3rd positions of the traditional trade safety stop-loss and take-profit and for the 1st trade position take-profit and safety stop-loss used for the 2nd trading position.
  • or else to open two trade positions, ignoring the first, take-profit and stop-loss in this case, both these positions are traditional.

Also we do if a similar situation is created by creating conditions for a trading position to buy.

At the opening of trading positions should be sure to wait until the closing candles .

You can open a trading position instead of the required three, moving with a safety stop-loss, respectively, the above rules.

undoubted advantage of this forex strategy is the fact that this gives it a very accurate trading signals , and if the signal suddenly was false, you can always close a trading position should be quickly without large losses. Also, if the trend is not strong enough, then with a good probability we can make a prediction that at least the first open trading positions us to still be able to get the desired profit. This trading system needs attention, but not strong - you need only look at the price chart at least once every 4 hours to see the closure of H4 candle.

See the example in Figure:
The signal for the deal to buy:

Strategiya forex Pabloski

Figure 1

signal for the deal to sell:

Strategiya Forex-Pabloski

Figure 2

1. Forex Indicator ATR Channels.mq4
2. Forex Indicator StepChoppyBars_v1.1.mq4
3. Forex Indicator StepMA_v7.mq4
4. Forex Indicator StepRSI_v5.2.mq4

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