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counter trend forex strategy

In a downtrend, purchase of a counter-trend , it becomes effective if the price on the graph is going upwards, fixing the closure of the chosen time interval above the trend line. Events for this option is very often the following: first, the price goes through the trend line, recorded above, and during the corrective movement dropped him down. At the same time on the trend line, used to play the role of the resistance, there is now support. It is on this line of support and is one of the most favorable points for the deal to buy (see Fig. 1).

counter trend forex strategy - buying on the counter-trend

Figure 1.

Additional confirmation can be obtained by the method measure the depth of the correction movement by Fibo-levels (examples combined with Fibonacci levels, see the examples at the end of forex strategy). This same strategy forex trading allows you to weed out spurious movements, which create the illusion of changing the prevailing trend, and to understand in this case, whether to conclude a deal to buy on a trend line or better to wait until the picture becomes more clear.

sale of kontrtrenda .

deal on the sale of counter-trend , who had previously worked as an upward trend while playing the role of the support line, and after it has broken the price down, making now in the resistance - just a logical move. This type of trade has a great effect and is very effective way to enter the market for sale (see Fig. 2).

counter trend strategy Forex - sale of a counter-trend

Figure 2.
Confirmation of the effectiveness of the breakthrough we again can give tezhe Fibonacci levels. If the upward price trend turns into resistance, and next to it are levels corrective movement, the chances for a successful deal to sell dramatically increased. And even if we make a mistake, then you will have to leave all shansya trading position without significant losses, unnecessarily market often has a desire to revolve around a certain time point of breaking the trend, before it decides where to move on.

And here are a few examples from the real accounts (notice the same attention to the confirmation signal by Fibonacci):

Kontrtrendovaya strategy forex example 3 < / p>

Kontrtrendovaya strategy forex example 4 < / p>

Kontrtrendovaya strategy forex example 5 < / p>

Kontrtrendovaya strategy forex example 6 < / p>

Kontrtrendovaya strategy forex example 7 < / p>

Kontrtrendovaya strategy forex example 8 < / p>

Kontrtrendovaya strategy forex example 9 < / p>

counter-trend strategy forex trading - Example 10

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