Method 4 indicators

Forex Strategy Method 4 indicators

Forex Strategy "Method of 4 indicators" is a yet another trading system using popular indicators forek that are available in any commercial terminate MT4 : 2 medium EMA, ADX, as well as the MACD.

And so, set the schedule for the chosen currency pair, which can be absolutely any the following forex indicators:

  • Exponential Moving Average EMA with a period of 7, select color blue
  • Exponential Moving Average EMA with a period of 21, select color red
  • indicator ADX (14)
  • indicator MACD (12,26,9), best fit MACD-combo

Recommended time interval - 1 hour (H1).

forex strategy

Enclose a deal to buy after moving average crossed the 7 EMA 21 EMA Moving Average and ADX struck level 25 upwards, and there is, and forex indicator MACD indicates bullish trend (rising).

For the conclusion of transactions on sale - all the way around.

very carefully to make sure that the ADX is above level 25 .

Stop-Loss set to local minima or for important Fibonacci retracement levels.

Rules out of the trading position of forex strategy "Method of 4 indicators":
close trading position as soon as the average seven EMA crosses 21 EMA high in the opposite direction. Safety net trade position, use trailing stop (options depend on the chosen currency pair).

take profit set to a local minimum or maximum, or use for purposes of determining the Fibonacci extension.

You carefully study the evidence of the MACD indicator to how a deal if it is consolidated - you should not trade, it is better to refrain from entering into transactions.

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