parabolic sar

strategy with the Parabolic SAR

Forex Trading Strategy Parabolic SAR with - a somewhat risky system that is based on direct signals Parabolic SAR indicator (Parabolic SAR), which shows the levels of stop and reverse the trend.

Features Trade Strategy:
* Easy to use.
* Only one standard indicator.
* Terms of inputs and outputs are given by the indicator.
* The delay indicator.
* Very risky and not always profitable strategy.

Preparing to trade in

  1. Any currency pair and timeframe.
  2. Add Parabolic SAR indicator on the chart, setting step (step) 0.05 and a maximum of 0.2.

Entry Conditions

Enter into a long position when the current price touches the bottom and an indicator that changes its direction.
Enter a short position when the current price touches the indicator at the top and that changes its direction.

entry conditions

Set stop-loss directly on the indicator level - above the current price for short positions, and lower - for long. Adjust stop loss with each new bar.

set take profit of the same size as the stop-loss, but not change it.


parabolic sar

As shown in the chart above, in Example 6 entry points. The first - the bull and leads to profits. The second - and also bear up TP. The third - the bull and leads to losses, as well as a fourth, which is bearish. The fifth position is less than TP, but closes with a small loss, it is - bull. Sixth - a short position, which has already reached the recommended level of TP.

Judging from the above example, we can conclude that the short and long positions always follow one another in this strategy and that it is not very reliable.


Use this strategy at your own risk. not responsible for any damages that may result to you when using any strategy, presented on the site. It is not recommended to use this strategy on a live account, without testing it to start a demo account.

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