Moving Average, ADX and Fractals

Strategy Moving Average, ADX and Fractals

Strategy Moving Average, ADX and Fractals - Used only 3 indicators. This moving average (Moving Average), ADX and Fractals (B. Williams). My most favorite pattern (signal) at the entrance gives the ADX. For best results, ADX has started to rise from low levels - less than 15-20, as low ADX indicates on the established consolidation.

And if one of the values ??of DI + and DI-over rate of the rising ADX, then this is the entry signal. Buy or sell depending on which of the DI exceeds the rate of the ADX. Fires in the 70 - 90% with the right approach. The important thing is to wait for a trending market, the market fletovom all these jokes do not work.

And if only one grows out of DI, ADX and marking time, it is a bad signal can even be said is false, but without too much greed can be taken with these bad signals on 10 - 15 pips (leave the such positions by the end of one bar).

comparison gives a good signal from 50 to 150 pips on a good day. After you log on to a good that confidently moves on the trend I'm starting to prop up the price trailing stop in the aisles 20 - 30 points from the present price.

This tactic works well on log 30-minute charts, I do not know why, but I they like best pick at the same time rising DI and ADX. Sometimes you just watch a few days on the market (do not enter into it) in search of a signal, it is very difficult psychologically, but patience is compensated well.

Strategy Moving Average, ADX and Fractals

What kind of figured with the ADX + Come on, Moving Average is very easy for the concept of an indicator (moving average of the discharge) works well on 4H charts, just when the bar crosses the Moving Average and is pip 5 - 10 the same direction in which crossed, you can open in the direction of movement especially when crossing the ADX index rising, not falling, it's doubly good.

Such positions can be opened from several minutes to several days.

I came out as a trailing foot or on the basis of testimony ADX (it's long to explain, there is almost intuitive).

While Moving Average gives many false alarms, but with the right exposure stops and the distinction fletovogo and trend of the market (just flat at just useless Moving Average), in the end are left still in positive territory.

Perhaps you've noticed that I try to look for trending markets, but on the flat I'm just looking and looking for the same price breaks when fletovy corridor (well, I do not like the horizontal motion) And Fractals B. Williams I just like them I sometimes use as signals for output. Although they are misleading.

the day I watch the market from 6 to 8 hours to 10 open positions there are days when to have to sit all day and do not open no one pose.

This strategy, system or what you call a very difficult from a psychological point of view, so it seems to me, since 6:00 in the market surveillance that day is not too easy.

But like everything, although most likely of something forgotten. Here another quote screen shot as a visual aid to enter the market with the help of signals ADXa (do not worry about that here more than I have described indicators, the screen two months old, I do not have ostsilyaratorov and "Alligator" is replaced by Moving Average. < / p> Strategy Moving Average, ADX and Fractals

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