Forex Strategy for USDCHF

Forex Strategy for USDCHF is very simple and to trade on it, you will need to do some graphical representations, namely:

Trading start at 5:00 on GMT - opening M15 (fifteen) the currency pair chart USDCHF (or EURGBP) and set the horizontal lines through the levels, which end on 00 and 50 , which are closer to the price (one above and one below the current price).

If price fluctuates exactly the same levels of 50 or 00 (+ - 5.10 points), then the basis is precisely this level, as "the level of higher prices" and "below the level of prices" and set lines above and below the price need not (but it happens not so often).

Once levels are set, the pending orders are putting away 25 points from the top level and -25 points on the lower level.

example look at the picture:

Strategiya forex for USDCHF

Stop-loss - 5 0 points .

For safety, you can use a trailing stop.

Take-profit - 25 points.

Warrants that were not open during the day - are removed and installed new.

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