OZFX Squeeze

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Forex Strategy OZFX Squeeze is designed for intra-day trading on forex, or rather the interval H4;

On the schedule for the chosen currency pair, you must put the following indicators for Forex:
1) Awesome (AO) - Bill Williams oscillator with the default settings
3) Accelerator (AU) - Bill Williams oscillator as the default settings.
4) Indicator Stochastic - it needs to be put on display with the AU settings 5,3,4 (if you do not know how this is done, then simply download at the end of the forex strategy template for MT4).

Description forex strategy OZFX Squeeze:
1) The 4-hour pricing schedule allows the trader to take a big enough movement in the market - from 100 to 1000 pips. But it is possible to trade and to a smaller time periods, but for a 30-minute charts, for example, the size of the trend will be Ryan 30 - 50 points.
2) Oscillator SA allows us to identify the current trend in the market. As soon as oscillators AO and AC are painted the same color, it shows a strong trend in the market. AO oscillator responds to a change in trend is slightly slower than the oscillator AU.
3) Oscillator AC indicate a change in trend garazdo faster than the oscillator AO and, thus, gives a good trading signals for market entry and exit. Oscillator AU - perhaps the only indicator, forex, forex trader that allows trading positions open as close to the top or bottom of the trend movement.
4) Stochastic indicate oversold and overbought market. And it's important enough to determine the points of entry and exit.

Entering the market of forex strategy OZFX Squeeze - aggressive (more risky).

Ctrategiya forex OZFX Squeeze

1) We get a strong signal to entry into the market , as soon as Stochastic% K and% D cross from the bottom up or top-down level 80 or level 20, and two oscillators Bill Williams AC and AO are colored red or green in the same period of time.
2) As soon as the Stochastic crosses up or down level 80 or level 20. We wait until the indicator light will turn red AC or green. Open trading at the open of the same price bar.

Log into the market of forex strategy OZFX Squeeze - Conservative.

  • Once Stochastic crosses up or down level 80 or level 20, wait until the indicator crosses the zero line Stochastic oscillator AU.

should not open a trading position: If the Stochastic crosses up or down level 80 or level 20, but the oscillator does not change AU vsoy color on the next candle price.

Example transactions (click on picture to enlarge - opens in new window):

Strategiya Forex-OZFX Squeeze

Risk management and capital management, when trading forex strategy OZFX Squeeze:

1) Open a trading position 3 units with a safety stop-loss of 50 points (if you have a lot of 3 lots - can be opened position respectively Lot 0.3, or 0 , 03 Lot).
2) Close the profit for the 1st open lot at 50 pips from entry into the market, thus shifting the safety stop-loss to breakeven.
3) Close the profit of the 2nd open lot at a distance of 100 points of entry into the market.
4) The last part of the close of trading positions, as was obtained opposite trading signal for entry into the market.

Do not leave the trade position , if not crossed Stochastic their levels of 80 or 20. We wait until an intersection with the zero line of the oscillator of the AU and only then leave the market. It is important for forex strategy, if you want to catch the big trend movements in the market - from 100 to 900 points.

Note: As soon as the bars of the oscillator crosses down the AC level 20 or level 80 upwards, while crossing the stochastics indicator - this is a very strong signal!

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