Strategy Forex MACD + MA and PSAR

Strategy Forex MACD + MA and PSAR is based on several indicators forex (at the end of the forex strategy you can download the template for MT4):

On the schedule for the chosen currency pair, which can be any, should be placed:

1) Indicator forex Parabolic - PSAR (with default settings)
2) Simple Moving Average - SMA 21 (applied to the HLC / 3).

And also:

In forex indicator window number 1 is necessary to begin to place the indicator MACD (12,26,9) and it is necessary to impose the following forex indicators: Moving Average WMA (10) - the method of Linear Weighted shift (- 1), white color, as well as a simple moving average SMA 13 - the color blue.

In Window forex indicator number 2 is necessary to place the indicator RSI (8) Close (just need to set the levels of -70, 65, 50, 35, 30). And in the same way he imposed the 2nd simple moving average - SMA 8 - color is orange and the average SMA 21, color blue.

in window number 3 forex indicator forex indicator should be placed CCI (14, HLC / 3), levels of 100, 0, -100.

Although testing was conducted in the forex strategy GBPJPY on an hourly interval, but I guess possible options when choosing a timeframe and currency pair.

The main indicator is the MACD superimposed with a moving average MA and Parabolic indicator - PSAR , and other established indicators forex are complementary and are designed to accept input signals in a trading position. < / p>

Trading signals for the opening transactions of forex strategy at MACD + MA and PSAR.

Strategiya Forex MACD+MA and PSAR

opening deal to buy:
Transaction should be open, if the average WMA (10) crosses the signal line indicator MACD (ie, the average SMA 9) upward after the close of trading hours and PSAR indicator moved by price . At the same time the MACD should also increase.

You should pay attention to the indicator RSI (8) if it is above 65, then the deal to buy at this point is not necessary. You must wait until closer to the rollback RSI superimposed on a moving average SMA (21). The best conditions for the opening of the transaction occur, if the RSI is near superimposed average SMA (21) and the RSI is at 50 or close to it.

Forex Indicator CCI (14) is less important to find the entry level, but his testimony can also be used for trading.

Stop-loss order must be placed immediately after the transaction at the point, traced indicator PSAR.

Closing of the transaction for a profit - after the return signals MACD + MA or after RSI from the overbought (above 65-70) fall below the level of 65 .

For Sale - all with exactly the opposite.

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