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Forex Strategy Positional medium

Forex Strategy Positional medium is based on simple moving average SMA and at important levels, as well as the trend lines for trade recommended by the currency pair - EURUSD.


it positional strategy forex - then the main condition for the trade - a trend, and it is opening a position by the movement of the trend. And since it medium , then only suitable for trading daily charts, and analysis will be conducted and on the weekly chart.


trade is conducted on large intervals, it is quite possible it does not fit all because of the small size of the deposit, as well as it should be remembered that the risk of each transaction should not be more than 3-4% of the deposit.

And so on schedule, you must install the following forex indicators :

1) simple moving averages - SMA :
- The interval W1 (weekly): SMA (4) - red, SMA (8) - the color blue, SMA (40) - the color green dotted line (optional);
- The interval D1 (day): SMA (5) - red, SMA (20) - the color blue, SMA (50) - the color green dotted line (optional);
2) important price levels are determined by visual observation of areas of congestion price bars.
3) trending support and resistance lines should be built strictly in accordance with minimumalnym or maximum prices of candles.

opening of trading positions is, if:
- SMA (4) and SMA (8) on the interval W1 and moving average SMA (20) on the interval D1 are parallel in the same direction and indicate the direction of the trend in the market;
- If the trend is rising, the price should be higher than these simple moving averages, and the opposite: if the trend is falling, the market price should be lower than those of simple moving averages.

Trading signals for the deal (check for opening of trading signals and trading positions are only 1 per day - better than the evening ): < br /> - SMA (5) day interval was directed against the main trend or horizontally and turned in the direction of the trend;
- SMA (20) on the interval D1 was directed against the main trend or horizontally, and its price has crossed and closed above (to buy) or below (for sale) in the direction of the main trend in the market.

Strategiya forex'Pozitsionnaya srednesrochnaya'

closing the trade position forex strategy "Positional medium":
- Safety stop-loss at the opening of trading positions should be set equal to the size of the previous local maximum or minimum on the daily chart + 10 pips back.
-, Subject to the open position profit of 30 pips - need to move the stop-loss order on the value of + 5 pips. You can also use this standard trailing stop (30).
- After the formation of a local minimum or maximum (fractal) in the direction of the trend should be stop-loss order under it or swap it over, depending on the direction of trade.

Download a template for Metatrader 4 - pozicionnaja_srednesr.tpl

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