Crushed trend

Forex Strategy Crushed trend

Forex Strategy Crushed trend - outrageously simple strategy, but nevertheless allows Forex traders to earn a good profit when trading, using only 2 and a trend line indicator of Demark .

Set the schedule for the chosen currency pair following forex indicators (all of them are present in the standard set of MT4 ):

1) Exponential Moving Average EMA (9) - red
2) Exponential Moving Average EMA (30) - the color blue
3) Indicator Momentum (14), as well as the need to set the level of 100.

Rekomenovana trading hour timeframe (H1).
Just before the conclusion of the transaction, you must have a line of Tom Demark - indicates the trend in the market (it has to connect at least 3 swing low or swing high.

deal for a purchase of forex strategy "Crushed trend»:

1) the market price breaks the downward trend line T. Demark up
2) Momentum is above the 100 level
3) Exponential Moving Average EMA (9) passes upward exponential moving average EMA (30).

Strategiya forex «Probity trend»

Remember - deal to conclude the opening of a new candle in this time frame - In order to confirm the reality of the breakdown of the trend line and the intersection of Averages.

important addition - Cross the 2 moving averages EMA may occur after the breakdown of Demark trend line.

conclusion of the transaction on SALE - check conditions.

Forex Trading Strategy

safety stop-loss place above the local maximum (at Bay) or below the local minimum (to sell).

out of the deal (Profit) - as soon as Momentum (14) crosses and closes above (for sale) or below (for purchase) her level of 100.

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