Forex Strategy Traffic Light NEW

Forex Strategy streetlight NEW is based on a forex strategy Traffic Lights and has been modifying and sent Eugene Shehurinym (for what I told him personally grateful), it is designed for traders who do not have a sufficiently large deposit in forex trading and as a consequence there is no way to trade on daily charts.

Recommended taymfreym for trade: H1

Tools (majors): Any (the strategy was tested on: EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / CAD, USD / CHF, AUD / USD, EUR / GBP, EUR / CHF, EUR / JPY, NZD / USD, USD / JPY)

from the first version of the strategy, traffic lights were removed Indicators Trend Master, RSI Custom, Goldminer. Trend Master was removed as a consequence of extradition is not a small of number of false alarms and frequent pererisovyvaniya, RSI Custom has been removed for the same reason. These indicators have been replaced by others.

As a result, in the forex trategii the following indicators:

1) HMA Modified (default settings)

2) AC - Accelerator Oscillator (default settings)

3) Stochastic (the default setting% K - 5,% D - 3, slowing down - 3, levels 20 and 80)

4) I-Gentor LSMA & EMA (default settings)

5) Double CCI_Woodies (default settings).

Setting indicators for forex strategy streetlight NEW (for ease of installation of indicators can download the template at the end of this strategy, forex):

HMA Modified Indicator for Strategy 'Traffic Light NEW'

HMA Modified attach to the main screen:

indicators set in the window lights Woodie's CCI (aka Double CCI_Woodies) and I-Gentor LSMA & EMA by imposing forex indicators in MT4. In the indicator I-Gentor LSMA & EMA anchoring the minimum and maximum are the same as that of the Woodie's CCI. In Woody indicator CCI also add a level of 100, 200, 0, -100, -200 if they are not exposed to the standard.

indicators of Woodie's CCI and I-Gentor LSMA & EMA strategy for 'Traffic Light NEW'

In the second box to add the indicator AC (Accelerator Oscillator) and Stochastic (Stochastic Oscillator) with standard parameters and levels of 20 and 80, as by imposing indicators.

Accelerator Oscillator Stochastic Oscillator and forex strategy for the 'Traffic Light NEW'

That will have the following general picture:

Strategiya forex'Svetofor NEW' < / p>

And so, as this work? Take for example site: EUR / USD

signal to the input (purchase):

The signal to buy - Strategy 'Traffic Light NEW'

1) The first indicator is the stochastic oscillator and the AU. If this purchase, the stochastics should at this time (buy signal) cross the zero level indicator speakers (not to be confused with the zero-stochastic, it should be removed altogether if it is the default )!!! Also note that at the time of crossing the zero-stochastic indicator AU changes its color to green on the bar or on the next.

Confirmation of the signal - a strategy Forex 'Traffic Light NEW'

2) Woody indicator CCI (Double CCI_Woodies) must also cross the zero line (blue bar indicator), and the indicator I-Gentor LSMA & EMA should be repainted in green.

HMA Modified (buy) - Strategy 'Traffic Light NEW'

3) HMA Modified to be colored blue, respectively.

NOTE: to enter the market to the next bar After closing the signal bar (a bar of "crossing")!

can see all the condition and the correct input to deal with the following example:

Strategiya Forex'Svetofor NEW' < / p>

Hold position should be as long as the stochastic will not come into the overbought zone and will not cross. Also look at the indicator Woody, his blue line CCI will also be deployed in the opposite direction and will go to the breakdown level of -200 and further down.
Immediately after the sign Out there is not a bad option to enter a short position (it is not marked on the chart).

short entry (for sale) in and out of it - CHECK condition !!!

overall picture of transactions on the example of the Dollar / Franc 25,26,27 August 2009 TF-H1 - 5 good trades!

Forex Trading Strategy 'Traffic Light NEW'

Stop-loss I would recommend installing at the nearest minimum or maximum, depending on the direction of trade.

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