FOREX Fibo + Stochastic

Forex Strategy Fibo + Stochastic

Forex Strategy Fibo + Stochastic is a very simple strategy breakdown trade based on Fibonacci levels and extensions, as well as on Stochastics, trade is conducted on interval of H1, the recommended currency vars: GBPUSD and GBPJPY (or other vysokovolatilnye).

And so on for trade, we need to set the schedule for the chosen currency pair Oscillator Stochastic - Stochastic (14,3,3). We need only line -% K, for this line% D paint in the color screen.

To determine the levels of entry into the market place on the chart levels Fibonachchiot minimum to the maximum previous trading 4.

enter the market, if the following conditions:

1) The price breaks the 100 level or level 0 Fibonnachi (or in other words - breaks a maximum or minimum previous trading day). Break - closing the candle above maximum or below the low of the trading day.

2) Next, we need to get a confirmation signal from stochastics. Confirmation is penetration level of 80 transactions for the purchase or penetration level of 20 for the transaction to sell.
After breaking one of the levels, we reconstruct the Fibonacci levels (if necessary) so that the expansion of the Fibonacci 161.8% and 261.8% on the side of a penetration level of the previous day.

Strategiya forex'Fibo+RSI'

Profit - 3 options:
1) When the level of 161.8% 50% close the deal, and the remaining 50% of the transaction in the transfer rate bezubytka and profit target for the remainder of the position to expose the level of 261,8%.
2) Close all of 100% of the transaction at the level of 161,8%
3) Close the deal after a penetration level of 80 in the reverse order (for sale) or as high as 20 in the opposite direction (for sale).

Stop-Loss should be set at a maximum current day (for sale) or at least current day (for purchase).

Torgovaya Forex Strategy'Fibo+RSI'

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