FOREX Session Breakout

Forex Strategy Session Breakout

Forex Strategy Session Breakout - are based on the breakdown of session highs and lows on the forex market (Asian, European and American), the currency pair: GBPUSD, the time interval - M15, used indicators : i-Sessions.mq4 (helps to define the boundaries of the sessions) and ATRonChart.ex4 - need to set the stop-loss.

The strategy forex Session Breakout easier to explain in the picture: Trading Strategy Session Breakout

Indicator i-Sessions outlines our borders each session, thus we observe the minimum and maximum for each of them.

Torgovaya Forex Strategy Session Breakout

Trade is conducted on a pending order.

orders Buy Stop set to maximum ended in session, Sell Stop-ended in order for the session lows.

take profit set at a distance 15 points for the currency pair GBPUSD .

To determine the use of stop-loss indicator ATRonChart.ex4 - triggered by a sell-stop orders, stop-loss set the upper limit of the indicator ATRonChart for the previous candle. When triggered, a buy stop, stop-loss set below the lower limit for the previous indicator ATRonChart candles, candle preceding penetration.

did not work out all orders, which were exhibited in the past day, remains closed until the next day.

As a result, when placing orders, we get about a picture (for larger - clicks - will open in new window):

Forex Strategy Session Breakout

Ie on the left we have obrazavalas area of ??3 sell orders, with a profit of 15 points each, after breaking through was a gain 45 points. And then, after the drawing, just worked well warrant, which allowed a profit of 15 points each.

of course possible to place take-profit and a little more, but in this case, the probability of triggering stop-loss also increases and this is a completely different strategy ...

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