FOREX Doske scalping

Forex Strategy Doske scalping

Forex Strategy Doske scalping is very simple, but quite effective trading strategy, trading currency pairs are suitable: usdchf, gbpusd, all pairs with the yen, the recommended interval H1.

to trade forex strategy Doske scalping should be put on the schedule the following exponential moving averages:

  • EMA with parameters 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 - all the color green.

  • EMA (55) - the color pink.

  • EMA (275) - the color yellow.

And also:

  • Forex Indicator QQE (6)

  • Forex Indicator QQE (60).

your schedule look like this:

Strategiya forex Doske scalping

Conclusion of a deal to buy:
1) All green moving average EMA should be higher than the control of pink moving average EMA (55).
2) Forex Indicator QQE (6) - or rather it has to cross a solid line of 50.
3) Forex Indicator QQE (60) - solid line crossed the dotted line its bottom-up.

Stop-Loss recommend putting a pink below the moving average EMA (55) by 3-5 points.

need to get out of trading positions , as soon as the solid line indicator forex QQE (60) crossed the dotted line, its top down. However, an earlier exit - when EMA (3) - more fat green line crosses the EMA (5).

For transactions on sale - Check the conditions .

Add to forex strategy Doske scalping:

  • If you fit a more aggressive way of trade, the moving average EMA (275) can be ignored or remove it altogether.

  • If you fit a more conservative style of trading, then you should not open a trading position to buy if the price is lower than the exponential moving average EMA (275), and sell if the price is above the exponential moving average EMA (275).

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