scalp in silence

Scalp Forex Strategy in silence

Scalp Forex Strategy in silence is designed to trade on a minute chart (M1) currency pairs with spread 2 points - EURUSD (if it is possible to find a Forex broker with a smaller spread - very well), can trade only in the interval from 9 to 11 in GMT.

First set Parabotika 2:
1) Parabolic SAR (0,02 and 0.2) - Green
2) Parabolic SAR (0,005 and 0.05) - blue

Remember that you need only open transactions in the direction of the 2nd parabolic (0.005 & 0.05) - Blue!

To determine tocheh entry, choose Tools - Fibonacci.
Once the price breaks the 1st Parabolic, construct a grid between the last Fibonacci significant minimum in the graph before reversing parabolic, and a maximum of candlestick, which took place this turn parabolic.

And finally: The entrance to the trade deal to buy produce at the level of 50%, and out of the deal at the level of 161.8% Fibonacci sequence. safety stop-loss set to 2 points below the previous low before reversing parabolic.

For sale - the same rules.

For details, see the picture (for larger picture - click on it - will open in a new window !):

Forex Strategy 'scalp in silence'

Recommended risk on each trade - 2% - 4% for each transaction!

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