Forex Strategy on MACD, which brings profit

Forex Strategy on MACD, bringing profit - perhaps not the best trading system, but one of the simplest, it is used for time intervals of the currency pair EURUSD.

1.I so we need to trade on the schedule to put these forex indicators:
2. Exponential Moving Average EMA (62), close.
3. Forex Indicator MACD-combo (12,26,9).

All entries into the market are made only in the range from 06:00 GMT to 16:00 GMT.

Opening deal to buy:
Main Line Indicator MACD-combo should be above the signal line at least 2 hours. The level of the opening of the candle should be above the moving average EMA (62).

Strategiya Forex MACD, bringing pribyl

Opening deal to sell:
Main Line Indicator MACD-combo to be below the signal line at least 2 hours. The level of the opening of the candle should be below the moving average EMA (62).

additional conditions to the Strategy Forex MACD, generating income:

  • body candles should not have a tail in the opposite direction to the concluded transaction (for example look at the picture - highlight the blue area)!

  • If the graph formed Divergence - the deal does not lie!

Harnesses stop-loss - 50 pips for all positions.

When the profits 25 - 30 points - would recommend to rearrange the stop loss to breakeven and then it is possible to use a trailing stop at a distance of 25-30 points.

closing trading positions - after the back-crossing indicator MACD-combo or the stop-loss.

rules for trading on Friday:

1. On Friday, it should not open the position later than 15:00 GMT.
2. All open trading positions on Friday, at the time of 19:00 GMT is recommended to close, so as not to get into a possible gap at the opening of markets on Monday (especially if the market is very volatile).

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