FOREX Hedge Hog

Forex Strategy Hedge Hog

Forex Strategy Hedge Hog is not just a simple, but very simple forex strategy that does not require almost no knowledge in forex trading, all you need - to know the basics of trading platform Metatrader 4, and strict adherence to simple rules to strategy ...

So, are forex strategy Hedge Hog:

daily at 00:00 GMT (5 days a week - Monday to Friday) opened two trading positions on the currency pair EURUSD in opposite directions: to buy and Sell equal lots.

It should be noted that not all forex brokers allow you to open trade in opposite directions, so that possible solutions to this problem is to open 2 accounts and trade on different terminals.

This stop-loss order is to be installed !

Installs take profit at a distance 14 points of the price of entry into the market.

And how strange, but Most of the trading days will bring you a profit of 28 points.

This amount of profit was not chosen by accident - conducted the analysis on historical data, it was observed that the amount of profit in 14 points:

Buy order were profitable in 83.5% of cases

Sell Orders were profitable in 85.7% of cases

The risk that, in general none of the public order will not be closed with a profit of 14 points in the same trading day, was only less than 1.5%.

More than 80% of trading positions are closed with a profit during the same trading day.
About 95% of sales positions before closing with a profit in the same trading day, closing within 1-3 business days (and thus very often - on the next trading day).

If 1 or 2 sales positions are not closed with a profit within 48 hours after the opening, it must be closed manually ! After that, the size of trading position is in WAY losing trades on the next trading day should be increased by 2 times (ie, if passed 48 hours and you have closed unprofitable transaction manually by 0.00 GMT, then immediately after the close, open new ones, but one of them in uvelichina 2 times).

IMPORTANT: If at least one of the entries do not close during the trading day - next day new orders will not open at all!

statistics for the last month (3 to August 31, 2009 inclusive):

  • Number of points earned - 504

  • Qty closed with a loss of points - 56

  • Total income for the month - 448 points!

At the end of forex strategy you can find a forex indicator for MT4, which helps you to visually define the borders zakytiya profits and thus evaluate the performance of this strategy, Forex Hedge Hog (if the red or blue line broken at least one point , so the deal was closed on take-profit). See more on an hourly interval.

Strategiya Forex Hedge Hog

The variables in the indicator as follows:

  • Offset = 14 - quantity take profit.

  • TimeZoneOfData = 0 - time schedule - GMT 0.

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