FOREX line balance

Forex Strategy Line of balance

Forex Strategy Line of Balance is designed to trade on the H4 chart of any currency pairs to trade, we need only one exponential skolzyaschaa average with period 25 - EMA (25), apply it to to close.

trading is only pending orders Buy Stop and Sell Stop.

for placing orders, you must find a chart on the last "complete bar" that crosses the moving average EMA (25).

Important: Completed bar - this is a price bar or candlestick, which continued imeeet closing price.

Pending order Buy Stop are putting on a point above the maximum "complete bar" that crosses EMA (25) from the bottom up if the price closes above this moving average.

Sell Stop is exposed to a point below the minimum complete bar crosses the EMA (25) top-down, if the price closed below this moving average.

safety stop-loss must be set to a point above the maximum or below the low bar that crosses EMA (25), but no closer than 30 pips from current price.

Strategiya forex line balansa

need to view your order every 4 hours. If the position is not closed by stop-loss and is in the positive zone for you, the stop-loss orders to move to a new maximum or minimum H4 closed bar. Upon reaching 50 points and came close 1st H4 candle after the opening of the transaction, it must be translated into a trailing stop of 50 points.

important addition: if the price broke sharply EMA (25) and closes very far from her, pending orders is better not to install because very high probability or low perepesi hai this candle and further pullback. In this case it is better to wait for the rollback, but has since then set the desired order.

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