FOREX Big Dog + Fibo

Forex Strategy Big Dog + Fibo

Forex Strategy Big Dog + Fibo - an updated version of a simple breakdown of forex strategy Big Dog - it just has no indikatorv, and needed only to trade some graphical representations and tools Fibonacci (Fibo), through which orders are now being installed and fixing them.

So, for placing orders, you must perform the following construction:

1. Vybiraete M15 currency pair chart EURUSD.
2. Similarly, draws the Box:

  • 2 vertical lines in 12:00 GMT and 14:00 GMT.

  • 2 horizontal lines - at the highest value in this time interval and a horizontal line on lowest price as explained in time interval.

3. Vibiraem tool Metatrader 4 - Lines in the Properties of Fibonacci and Fibo set the following levels: 0.000, 1.000, 1.272, 1.500, 1.764 and 2.000

4. Now in our box stretch 2 times Fibonacci - 1st from maximum to minimum of the box and 2 - from minimum to maximum.

In the end, after doing some builds get this picture:

Strategiya forex Big Dog + Fibo

type place pending orders Buy Stop and Sell Stop (3 on each side formed a box - in equal parts) on the levels 1.272 !

Take-profits respectively:

  • TP1 - at the level 1.500

  • TP2 - the level of 1.764

  • TP1 - at the level 2.000

Stop-loss is placed at the level of 1.000!

example in Figure:

Strategiya Forex: Big Dog + Fibo

After the first order is closed with a profit - the rest of the level bezubytka reinstall. After closing the second with a profit - swap the 3rd level at the opening of the 2nd (ie, 1.764).

At operation on the Transactions BAY - cancel SELL and vice versa: when you open warrants SELL - cancel BAY!

If no deal had not been opened before the start of construction of the next frame (ie before 12.00 GMT), all orders are deleted!

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