Forex Strategy Return

Forex Strategy Return - a simple vehicle that allows you to make a day on average from 10 to 30 pips, and no forex indicators not used in it, in this case the indicator will serve as the price itself.

Although the deal are not so often, but basically they are all profitable! See the report of the expert advisor "Return" to work on this strategy forex "Return" - in the end of the strategy.

analyzing the schedule of any of these 6 currency pairs, forex market: GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, even with the naked eye can be seen quite an important feature - that in the time range from 23.00 to 3.00-4.00 pm, Moscow time, the market is located in a small flat, and price fluctuations occur within 15-30-40 pips. These fluctuations are quite small, because almost all the world's stock exchanges are closed at this time.

In the forex market trading currency pairs is conducted, which are the equivalent of currency futures.
Trading currency futures is conducted the same today in the markets (which we have described period of time covered):
- Pit (trading session opened with a 16:20 to 23:00 Moscow time);
- GLOBEX (trading is conducted from 2:00 am to 1:00 am Moscow time).

Forex Market adapts to the market in futures , quotes on some of which differ only in the delta, except the yen, Canadian dollar and the franc.

The strategy forex Return is that at 23:00 GMT by closing the futures market at Pit and formed the closing price on the market ( Sett ) - is it a further reference point (in other words price target). To further guide our strategy will be the closing price of the price bar for 22 hours, Moscow time = opening price of the price bar for 23 hours Moscow time - following a landmark (price target).

Let's for example and more clarity, we consider the currency pair EURUSD (for other currency pairs to choose other options order):

Strategiya forex Vozvrat

At 23:00 hours Moscow time on place 4 pending Limit Buy Limit and Sell Limit at a distance of 25 pips from the opening price of the price bar in increments of 5 pips. Total, we will limit 8 pending orders from our take-profit "price objective" (ie, the opening price of the price bar at 23:00 GMT) and hold the warrants until 2:00 am Moscow time.

safety stop-loss should be set to a distance of 130 points (just in case!) from the extreme of pending orders. At 2:00 Moscow time on all orders being opened to remove!

at 2:00 am Moscow time is opening up the market GLOBEX, the price for it, too, seek to price Sett (the closing price of pita).

When the price is already after 2:00 Moscow time has come to the price and closed at Sett Tuyk-profit - the signal is considered to be mature and commerce today is over. The following signals formiruyutsya has the following night.

NOTE: is very rare, but there are moments when the transaction on the forex strategy is not close to take-profit, but that within a year it happens quite often, depending the chosen currency pair and its features. In general, it is always possible to close these open transactions during the working day to breakeven.

ADDITIONAL RIGHTS: on Friday - do not trade (because of the high probability of opening of the forex market on Monday with a gap).

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