Forex Strategy Hedge Hog - 2

Forex Strategy Hedge Hog - 2

Forex Strategy Hedge Hog - 2 - an updated and improved version of the Strategy Hedge Hog, proposed by one of the visitors to the site - the rules of strategy, largely unchanged, but added an additional condition on the set and rearrangement of the stop-loss, after the deal, which also reduces the drawdown , as well as to achieve higher profitability of the trading system!

The strategy Forex Hedge Hog - 2 is the following:

1) all in the same way every day at 00:00 GMT (5 days a week - Monday to Friday) conclude two trading positions on the currency pair EURUSD in reverse sides: one for the Bay and one on the Cell, with an equal volume.

Time 00:00 to take it on GMT, so if you have time in Metatrader 4, for example GMT +1 - that open orders at 01:00 at the terminal time!


Not all forex broker can enter into transactions in opposite directions ( as mentioned in a previous version of the strategy Hedge Hog ), then in this case we can find a solution to this trouble as follows: open 2 accounts and trade on different terminals.

2) stop-loss just immediately , after the opening position, not set ! And because hedged position, or rather to say "zalokirovany", the loss we have is minimal and is equal to 2-m size of spread as long as we do not shut down one of the trading positions.

As soon as one of the positions went into a plus (and one, respectively, negative) and reached a certain count of items, which we call, for example Delta (I recommend 30-40 points), then we'll rearrange our position and level bezubytka treylingovat her at a safe distance - Delta + Trailing Stop-step and (through which we move our stop-loss order, a step recommended 5.2 points ).

Ie at Delta + step Trailing Stop-a = 30-40 points carry over to breakeven position and every 2-5 point move the stop-loss in the positive zone. To do this, you can use the usual trailing stop Metatrader 4 increments of 30-40 points, which can set the position immediately after their discovery.

If the price continues to go well in one direction, after the discovery orders, we are building up in the same position positive stop-loss, and as soon as the price will start to turn or roll back, we will close our position on a positive stop -loss, as well as Price rollback, then we assume that the price turned around and we wait until our position is just not go into the positive region, and we wait for that moment when we rearrange it as the first cases to breakeven and begin to increase our profits using trailing -stop at a safe distance. When you roll back prices of our position is closed by a positive stop-loss, as in the case of the first warrant.

3) take profit in this strategy is not set, or set at a distance of 60-70 points! But mostly, this profit is not working, and closing a position is on the trailing stop (although the picture you see the ideal situation where the profits would have worked perfectly for a distance of 50-55 points).

Forex Strategy 'Hedge Hog - 2'

4) If 1 or 2 open positions are not closed on a positive stop-loss within 48 hours after the opening, we have them or some of them will close HAND!

the same way, then the size of trading positions is in WAY losing trades on the next trading day should be increased by 2 times (ie, if passed 48 hours and you have closed the money-losing deal in hand for 0.00 GMT, then immediately after the close, open new ones, but one of them uvelichina 2 times).

Important Notice: to trade I recommend to use a permanent item, such as 0.1 lot (depending on the size of your deposit)! In this case, of course, and the total profit is not as great as in the dynamic volume of transactions (increases or decreases in the positive or negative transaction) - an example of a dynamic volume, see the report below.

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