Universal forex strategy

Universal Forex Strategy

Universal forex strategy - a fairly simple trading system that can be applied to any currency pair and any time-frame (but preferably from the M5 and above), it signals based on 3 forex indicators: Moving Average EMA (300), Nonlagdot and Supertrend.

And so on the schedule for the chosen currency pair set the following indicators forex:

1) Exponential Moving Average of period 300 - EMA (300) . Allows us to determine the trend in the older time frame - only in the direction of the middle and we will open the transaction.

2) indicator Nonlagdot.mq4 - you can download it at the end of forex strategy.

3) indicator Supertrend.mq4 - can also be downloaded at the end of this forex strategy.

Transactions of the strategy to open up only a pending order! And for this it is necessary that the following conditions:

1) Price is above the moving average EMA (300)

2) Indicator Nonlagdot.mq4 change the color of their points with red-on-blue .

3) Indicator Supertrend.mq4 green color and the price is above it

place pending orders to buy, once formed and rolled candle closed bearish (ie the closing price of the candle is lower than the opening price of the same candles).

Buy Stop order to expose the maximum upward movement of the + spread + 2-3 points!

Universalnaya strategy foreks


  • If one of the Indicators: Supertrend Nonlagdot or changed with a different color - pending orders should be removed!

  • If all conditions are met for issuing orders, but the price was already a large number of points after the confirmation signal without sliding spark (which is to place orders) - then you should not place orders, but rather wait for new signals as very high risk of closure orders on stop-loss.

Stop-Loss put the following line indicator Supertrend.mq4 or below the nearest local minimum and then move it to new and changing line Supertrend.

take profit is not fixed, but profit fix if:

  • Supertrend.mq4 indicator changed its color to the opposite

  • or price touched the line of the indicator - Supertrend

If Nonlagdot.mq4 indicator changed its color to the opposite and the price did not affect the indicator Supertrend and he has not changed its color - in such cases, if you wish, you can add a pending order to add to positions.

For transactions on sale - check condition!

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