Forex Strategy 4H Fibo + MTF MA

Forex Strategy 4H Fibo + MTF MA

Forex Strategy 4H Fibo + MA - worked well when trading for all currency pairs in the time frame H4 , it uses only one indicator Forex - MTF Moving Average (he can see clearly the current daily trend) and one of the most useful tools a trader, I believe, - Fibonacci .

Settings MTF Moving Average indicator following: TimeFrame - 1440, MAPeriod - 50, Shift - 0, Method - 1, Price - 0.

The strategy 4H Fibo + MTF MA is the following:

1) The graph for the chosen currency pair (in the range H4), we find the latest upward or downward movement, which is not recovered by 38.2% Fibonacci.

2) Rasstyagivaem Fibonacci on the extremes of motion (maximum and minimum) at a given time.

3) We are only interested in two important levels: 38,2% and 61.8% Fibonacci , but rather otboi price from these levels.

4) If the market is down, we set the 2 pending orders:

  • Sell Limit at the level of 38.2% Fibonacci , and stop-loss set at the level of 61,8%.

  • Sell Limit at uroven61, 8% Fibonacci , and stop-loss set at 100 points.

for deals to buy (the market upwards) - set the warrant Buy Limit-s at the same levels and with the same stop-loss.

Strategiya forex 4H Fibo + MTF MA

5) Always look at the display MTF Moving Average and the transaction must enter only in the direction of the daily trend (this indicator and it shows).

If you dare to trade against the trend - then put a fixed take-profit, which must be less than garazdo to trade with the trend and also do not forget as quickly as possible to translate the position of the level bezubytka.

Although it is better to trade with the trend!

6) To recommend to use the profit trailing stop at a distance of 75 points. For more volatile pairs - a trailing stop at 100 points.

The deal must be closed only by a stop-loss or trailing stop. But if you want you can close the deal in important part of the level or the level of the census 0.0 Fibonacci (eg 50-70% of the transaction).

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