Forex Strategy: Break the level of Fibonacci (Fibonacci)

Forex Strategy: Break the level of Fibonacci (Fibonacci)

Looking high and low for an interval of about a day, the time schedule. If the current price is above the level of 38.2% of the daily range, put on sell-order breakdown of 61.8%, 23.6% stop, profit of 100% ie not found above the minimum. During the day, can warrant nesrabotavshy adjusted according to new highs, lows. The warrant was withdrawn before the trip if the average movement for the period 3 ATR (3) more than the difference between the entrance and stop.

similarly exposed and is a warrant for the purchase of Buy-Stop

Perforation of the level of Fibonacci

testing history MetaTreydere yielded positive result. The idea was taken from some forum and was called the Silver-channel

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