FOREX Stochastic Strategy

Forex Strategy on Stokhastic

Use common idikator Stoch.

Although there is a perception that determine the turning points is bad, stochastic index for large intervals, making it quite tolerable. I do not recommend it for 5-60 minute, or, should increase the number of periods (Stoch (35), Stoch (55), etc.) I tried the 14 period Stochastic is (by default in the charts AMCEN).

this system - the entrance is opposite the intersection after the signal level in the direction of the intersection. Levels are determined by the trader. as nizhodyaschy weekly trend, the lower plate is taken (8) and upper (75) (by the way can be a little higher input will be even earlier, but no more than 78-80!) Stop put more fixed, the percentage of the deposit (for example 1.5 from 100K tons . is 150 pips.

As for the stick stop level is rarely obtained (We at the peak. above all-star:) Profit or removed to the target a * stop where a - coefficient. 1 to 4 (at your option) any for some other signals (a parabola) or at target levels, or a trailing stop. When you set up you can play - signal levels, the period stochastics and short crossing to enter in MA (he usually always built together) for the signal level.

Strategy Forex: Forex Stochastic

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