possible method of hedging positions

possible method of hedging positions

For this strategy requires the following condition - the size of Deposit must be three times larger size than that required for the production of one position.

After analyzing the market (I still do it no matter experience is not enough, but about the analysis itself in the end ...) - and selecting the most likely direction of the bet in this towards one position. Suppose for example a BUY. If you guessed it - collected profits if the market went into naprvlenii opposite - install double position in this direction, for example it is 2 pieces. - SELL, if the market continues to move in this direction is going to profit from one position SELL and the other recorded a loss from one position BUY - they cancel each other out. Then you can leisurely them close offsets. Worse if the market after We install dual positions SELL - will once again growth, in this case - is required to close quickly vzaimozachetnye BUY and SELL position and open the double position BUY - and then the remaining loss position SELL fixed at a mutual and closed 1BUY 1SELL.

The result - where the market would not move - we there is profit. There is really one thing. If you frequently err in the direction - we're losing a lot on a spread and to have accumulated negative profite. So strategy is most effective if you use it reasonably and without undue panic.

And now on the analysis - I use indekatorami Accelerator Oscilator and ZigZag

spend support and resistance lines on the tops indekatora ZigZag, get the channel trend - let's say dealing with bears, then studying addiction graphics within the channel trend, say it is stronger pressed to the line of resistance - then coupled with the testimony of Acceleratora - say it predicts strong growth - we can assume that can break the resistance line, then check Acceleratora testimony on the charts with a minute five-minute intervals and on - for it can be understood How soon will break if it happens ... Further analyze the shape of the graph, if I find figure indicating a reversal - that make for a conclusion and make decisions.

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