term strategy

Positional medium (Ma, significant levels and trend lines)

Positional medium (Ma, significant levels and trend line).

This is a tactic that I will only be used on currency pair EUR / USD.
This positional tactics - that is required to hold long or short position in the direction of the trend. And hence the lack of trades when there is no trend.
Medium-term - so I will be guided weekly and daily charts for decision-making about the trend,
and hence the direction of the position occupied by and the positions will be open for a day or more.

Tools in the tactics are
1) simple moving averages:
- Weekly 4 - red, 8 - blue, 40 - dotted (auxiliary);
- On day 5 - red 20 - blue 50 - dotted (auxiliary);
2) The significant levels are determined visually by location congestion prices.
3) the trend lines of support and resistance are based strictly on the minimum / maximum of candles.

Necessary conditions for open positions
- Average ck. 4 and 8 on the weekly average and the UK. 20 full-time in the same direction and show the trend (note that 4 weeks = 20 days);
- If the trend is bullish price must be higher than those medium, and vice versa: if the trend is bearish, then the price must be lower than these averages;

signals to the open position (to check if signals and a position opening every evening)
- Average ck. 5 on the day was directed against trend, or horizontally, and turned on the trend;
- Average ck. 5 on the day was directed against trend, or horizontally, and its price has crossed into direction of the trend.

Position closing
- Stop at the opening position is taken to be the previous local maximum / minimum on day graphics + spare 10 points (filter);
- When you reach 30 points profit - move Stop at +5 points;
- The formation of another local minimum / maximum is shifted toward the feet of profit.

I deliberately chose the most basic indicators because my goal when working on this tactic - work on themselves.
This will allow me not to be distracted by various complex calculations and indicators for news and fundamental data.
I will always adhere strictly to the rules described above, but rather will change the rules, refine them, add to the results of the work.

The value used deposit
The minimum that is 0.1 lot. For this tactic it does not matter, it is important that the size of the lot will not be changed and expanded position is also not be.

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