FOREX Strategy shadows

Strategy shadows

So, so ...

Opening chart number 1 , this schedule E-capital daily GBP / USD.

Strategiya teney

It shows how the course went to a couple of months. It also reflects the price of walking per day (1svecha - 1 day). Look for the shadows! Now, if you have a closer look, you can notice that each candle is a shadow, these shadows move, up - down always! So there was a price! Shadows present in all candles ranging from 5 points to 100 and more, it makes it clear that if you open early in the day (More precisely in 0001) to any of the parties, you can earn!

Now open schedule number 2 . Here are the same candles only without the body, leaving only the shadows ...

Strategiya teney

Center, is the price opening. Up and down, the shadows of the price opening. (Red top, green bottom). Here is presented 56 days ...
Those bands that are closer to the center, it 5-point barrier. Those that continue - 20 points. All the candles were aligned open price and we've got this schedule. If you look at it carefully to lower part (below the opening price) is very and very beneficial for trade. There is misses but they can be addressed:

1.On chart number 1 arrows show nepoluchivshiesya shade, so they can avoid playing the trend.
2.Igrat Indicators RSI, Stoh etc. that provide price direction. In extreme case, there is a rule - "The trend is your friend." It should be remembered!

Next: look table is the minimum ...

Strategiya teney

And finally:

Tactics gives 90% because of some uneducated candles formed in connection with the rapid rise or fall. (In this case - to play the trend) is also You can not stick to the table and Squeeze out all the candles (I squeezed 70 points from the opening price). But ... increases the risk! If you play on Passive tactics, 50% of the bill guaranteed and it is, I want to see great result! Deposit must be at least 2000.
I have also studied the USD / JPY. She profitability will than the GBP, but Asian currencies do not prefer ...
Also - the size of the foot about 40 points from the opening price and the limit - 60 points.
I think everything is clear!

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