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strategy of moving the price of channels Victor Barishpolts .

This strategy is good for beginner forex trader, and for treyterov who already have experience in the foreign exchange market, trading a strategy of moving channels B. Barishpoltsa or you have your own trading strategy - advisor Forex for this strategy will certainly be interesting for you!

The strategy of trade moving price channel B. Barishpoltsa:

traded currency pair EUR / USD (or the other, but with different values ??of the stop-loss and compression).

Period of working hours - 6 chasovik (forex advisor to the company enLight trading takes place at any interval).

Used forex indicators - no.

tradable lot - can be arbitrary, but must always be constant.

Possible maximum series of losing trades - 3, the value of their 57 points each.

Desired minimum recommended initial deposit - required margin cover + 1 800 USD (at work with a lot size of 100,000 base currency).

The effectiveness of trading strategies - at least 100% for each month.

Graphical construction of - moving price channels. Price channels built by the last three extreme values ??- the line on the two lower values ??on the graph and parallel to it over the top, or vice versa, the line for two peaks and two parallel lower values ??on the chart. Parallel lines are constructed by maximum or minimum value, ie, peak values ??of candles. Extremum is determined by not less than 2 bars after its passage. Between adjacent extreme values ??should be more than 2 or 2 candles. Exceptions may be adjacent maximum - minimum may be at the end of one long candle.

Position opening occurs when the boundaries of the price channel - into the channel. The only possible exception - if there is an explicit trend can not open a position against him. Assesses the situation itself trading trader. Losses in this situation are reduced, but sometimes you can miss a good turning motion of the forex market.

Stop when opening a position - 57 points.

The purpose of the movement - the opposite of the price channel.

In moving from the opening price of 50 points (in the direction of the desired profit) stop-loss is transferred to the breakeven point. Further there - compression of the foot at a distance of 50 points in 10 points. Possible permutation at a distance of 30 points, but this change increases the efficiency of the forex strategy slightly. The permutation is performed only in the direction of increasing the profit of the transaction, and never need to increase the amount of stop-loss.

When a stop loss with a loss of 57 points - is opening a position in the opposite direction to 57 points. The principles of compression - the same.

If you turn the position of the price again and again is set up outside the border price channel, you must close with a loss of position, without waiting for the closing position of the stop-loss and take a break to trade 3.2 wave. (This is not a requirement, but allows the trader to calm down and wait out the market fletovyh movements in which such a situation and come.)

detailed description of the strategy of moving channels Victor Barishpoltsa with graphic examples you can find on the website development company adviser - enLight Trading Solutions

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