FOREX B. Barishpolts

forex trading strategy B. Barishpoltsa "Break the middle"

All actions under this strategy make to close the specified trading day!

  • inside the trading day to do nothing.
  • Opening and closing the trade position is only pending orders.
  • signal line strategy - eksponentsilnaya average with a period of 3 and shifted forward (the future) - 3.
  • The intersection of the candlestick body
    exponential moving average - set pending orders for the purchase of H n. 5 (if the candle is closed as a rising), or for sale L -5 n (if the candle is closed as downward).
  • Touching
    lower shadow candle moving average - is placed pending order to buy H 5
  • Touching upper shadow candle moving average - is put aside an order to sell L -5 paragraph
  • cancel pending order only when a signal on the chart opposite.
  • Transferring a warrant if there is a signal to the same side (buy or sell), but more profitable (higher or lower than the sale of the purchase).
  • After opening a trading position the stop loss is placed at the opposite end of the candle - (+) 5 n. Then the stop-loss or transferred to a "zero" (breakeven), or is moved closer to at least the last two closed candles at purchase or at most two last closed the sale of candles. This must be done on each new candle is closed until the close of trading positions.
  • When trading position is opened, the new signals will not respond and open additional positions should not be. (Opening on each trading signal, when already open trading positions, very tempting, but this option was not investigated by Barishpoltsom).

And some of the rules of strategy "Break the middle":

1. Stop-loss upward never tolerated.

2. Order should be placed only on the breakdown of exponential moving average part of the candlestick body. That is: put a candle in ascending order to buy her masimum, at a down-set a pending order at least.

3. If after the conclusion of the transaction, the position can not pull your breakeven in, and for the next two spark plugs the opening end worse than the price at the opening position, set the take item 5

4. If the position is closed at bezubytke or take-profit, the next candle does not touch the exponential moving average but is in the same direction (above or below the previous 3 candles) - set aside a warrant for her in the direction of the end (closing).

5. If the candle rests in the middle with a strong inclination, crosses it just the tail and body and could not cross, and it is obvious that the next candle will begin in the middle - it is necessary to place an order on the tail of the candle behind the line judge. average.

6. Closer than 10 para from the end of the trading day breakeven do not need to raise.

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